Expert Medical Billing

About EMBS

(Expert Medical Billing Services)

Expert Medical Billing Services is a tailored and client-centered approach to providing solutions and pricing for practices. This approach is valuable as it takes into account the unique needs and circumstances of each specialty, allowing you to offer services that are directly aligned with their goals and challenges.

Our mission is maximizing collections by bringing transparency and efficiency to an antiquated reimbursement process. We partner with a variety of specialties and are happy to work with any billing software your office is already using.


Every practice is unique and we’d love to find out more about your specific needs. Someone is always available to answer you through phone, email or instant chat so don’t hesitate to reach out for further details.


We believe that healthcare providers dedicating their efforts to patient care and delivering exceptional services, unburdened by concerns about claims, payments, and patient statements. At EMBS, we harness the power of our intelligent workflow, prioritizing accuracy from the outset on every occasion. Moreover, we diligently identify and address the fundamental causes of most billing errors and other discrepancies, ensuring a more streamlined and error-free process.

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