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Billing is an essential part of every medical & dental practice and when left in best hands, your staff and medical professionals can focus on the most important aspects of the practice – patient care. EMBS has been helping healthcare providers in maximizing their collection stream, reducing extra expenses and streamlining the business workflow with the most highly experienced billing providers.

Take your practice to the next level with EMBS.

From the moment your patient walks in until you receive payment for the services rendered, our medical billing services team supports your growth by focusing on problem areas in your revenue cycle.


We believe that healthcare providers dedicating their efforts to patient care and delivering exceptional services, unburdened by concerns about claims, payments, and patient statements. At EMBS, we harness the power of our intelligent workflow, prioritizing accuracy from the outset on every occasion. Moreover, we diligently identify and address the fundamental causes of most billing errors and other discrepancies, ensuring a more streamlined and error-free process.


Dedicated Practice Management Specialists


Experienced Revenue Cycle Management


HIPAA Certified, Speciality Billers

Cutting Edge

Technology Driven – No BS or Redundancies


Always Ahead of the Compliance Curve


No client too big or too small. Rates as low as 2.49%.

Your all-in-one RCM partner

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Insurance billing/collection

  • Patient billing/collection

  • Account receivable management

  • Denial management

  • Dedicated RCM specialists

  • Full transparency & real-time reporting

Practice Management

  • Real-time billing Analytics

  • Automated eligibility and ERAs

  • Online patient bill pay

  • Tech-driven patient reminders

  • Ongoing guidance to maximize reimbursements and minimize denials.

  • Staff training to read ledgers and reports


  • End-to-end credentialing

  • Expirables management

  • Re-credentialing and renegotiation

  • Experienced account managers to manage every aspect of the credentialing process

  • Assessments to identify improvement opportunities

  • Cross-state credentialing for telehealth

Our high quality services

Medical Billing & Coding

Navigate the complex landscape of healthcare reimbursement with confidence! At EMBS, we specialize in optimizing your practice's revenue stream through meticulous medical billing & coding services. Our expert team ensures accurate coding, swift claim submissions, and maximum reimbursement. Let us take care of the financial intricacies, while you focus on providing top-notch patient care. Partner with EMBS today for a healthier bottom line tomorrow!


Credentialing plays a vital role within the healthcare industry as it ensures efficient reimbursement and a positive patient experience. Our organization provides comprehensive credentialing services, employing highly skilled experts to meticulously review and maintain all necessary documents and certifications, ensuring strict regulatory compliance. Through our commitment to credentialing, we enhance patient trust, safety, and satisfaction, resulting in a more positive and seamless healthcare experience.


Elevate Patient Care: Scribe Solutions By EMBS — Focus On Patients; We Handle The Notes! Revolutionize patient interactions with EMBS Virtual Medical Scribe Solutions. Our cutting-edge technology ensures real-time documentation, freeing healthcare professionals to provide unparalleled patient care. Elevate efficiency, accuracy, and the overall healthcare experience.

Denial Management

Turning Challenges Into Triumphs: Mastering Revenue Recovery With Denial Management Expertise Unlock Unclaimed Revenue: Navigate the Complex Landscape of Denials with EMBS. Our denial management team Ensures Optimal Reimbursement, Fueling Your Practice's financial success and growth at the same time.

Verification of Benefits

Pave The Way To Smooth Healthcare Experiences: Expert Eligibility Verification Services By EMBS Seamlessly Navigate patient coverage with EMBS Eligibility Verification Services. Verify insurance information accurately, enhance patient interactions, and prevent claim rejections. Elevate your practice with hassle-free eligibility verification for exceptional healthcare delivery.

Prior Authorizations

Seamless Access To Care: EMBS’ Prior Authorization Services Pave The Way To Timely Treatments Swift and hassle-free access to essential treatments with EMBSs’ prior authorization services. We navigate the complexities, securing necessary approvals for timely care. Elevate patient experiences and practice efficiency through our expert solutions.

Account Receivables

Maximize revenue realization with Prime Doc Billing's account receivable team. our expertise ensures timely follow-up, efficient tracking, and strategic collections, boosting cash flow and strengthening your practice's financial resilience. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your receivables and achieve financial excellence in healthcare.

Website Development

Web Development: Mastering The Art of Design And Development Choose EMBS as your Website Development partner, propel your business to new heights with our Top-notch Web Development services and strong your digital presence.

Virtual Assistant

Effortless Administration, Exceptional Care: Our Virtual Assistants At Your Service. Advanced virtual assistance services are provided by EMBS LLC and are suited to either the unique requirements of healthcare professionals and practices or their entire workflow. Our devoted virtual assistants can perform a variety of administrative duties, freeing you up to concentrate on providing top-notch patient care.

Whom We Serve

EMBS serves a wide range of clients throughout the U.S. healthcare landscape. Our comprehensive medical billing services support healthcare providers, medical practices, hospitals, healthcare facilities, administrators, billing companies, payers, software developers, consultants, financial advisors, and government healthcare agencies. With a commitment to excellence, we help our clients streamline their revenue cycle management, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and financial success.

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